: 14/10/2023

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Olen Cesari
is not just a virtuoso of the violin but a true master of stylistic versatility. With his rare talent, he fascinates us with universal music combining different styles and sounds. Olen’s artistic performances are famous in various countries: Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, China, Brazil and the U.S. He is an authentic artist who has played in some of the renowned temples of world music, such as in the ancient Taormina theater; Konzerthouse Wiener in Vienna; RTVE Theater in Madrid; the Auditorium Park della Musica in Rome; Le Palace and Salle Gaveau in Paris, Ischia Music Global Fest, at Carnegie Hall in New York and so on.
Among the most unique shows, stands his performance and clip on top of the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil, which was the first step of an ambitious project to discover the seven wonders of the new world through a musical journey.
It followed with the Great Wall of China and another performance in Petra, Jordan and Colosseum Rome. Mr. Cesari has also performed for many heads of state, as well as in the presence of Pope John Paul II, Ratzinger and Pope Francis. As a sensible and versatile composer, he is able to strike emotions through all genres of music.
Olen Cesari's performances have always been a popular musical expedition around the world, mixing voices and renowned artists, with the most famous pieces of international music. Many of his original productions are collected within the album “Unexpected”, which hit parade immediately after its release. Just the same Mr. Cesari delights us with his musical projects, strongly related to the Albanian roots and traditional music. Performing solo in concerts, or with The International Clandestine Orchestra, furthermore a personal venture of his, as the Porto Palermo Festival taking place in Albania every summer, continuing to dive into the popular music journey.
Olen Cesari: Beyond the Artist often lead the way when it comes to social and environmental issues. Now more than ever, there is a shift in the way artists are trying to make an impact through their work, and Olen one of them.
For many years, Olen has supported different social and environmental issues through his music, performances, and projects between Albania – his native country and Italy - his second home. Some of his main project collaborations have been with: Marevivo Org for the conservation of biodiversity, environmental education, and sustainable development; Onlus Italy; Telethon Organization; Amnesty International etc.